#FashionFriday: Thick Hair

I think this is a fair title for this post. I have the thickest hair of anyone I know and sometimes I hate it. I hate doing my hair and it always ends up looking a mess. Add to this being pregnant and you get SUPER thick hair. If it were actually super and had some magical properties like Rapunzel’s hair it might be cool. But Super thick is just that. I normally just wear it down, what else is there to do with it? Yesterday I wore it in a pony tail and it just looked SO BAD. Like, how could it look that bad in a pony tail? It’s just too thick for that. So today I tried a side pony and it was just too short to all come to the side still. Then I decided on two pony tails. I didn’t want to feel like a little girl but there was nothing I could really do about it. It’s just too thick.

Anyway, then I really wanted to wear the plaid shirt my mom got me in the fall and it went really well with my boots so the look just came together, lol.

Happy Friday and yay for the weekend!!

❤ *JuLi*


DBP2: Pocahontas

Happy Sunday friends! This week I’m half way through pregnancy (crazy!) at 20 weeks.

Today’s Disneybound princess was Pocahontas. I used a few elements from the last time I ‘bounded as her (seen here) and I think it came out well 😉

I opted for comfort again with my new maternity leggings and 3/4 sleeve tee. I added my fringed shirt and turquoise necklace to the outfit and was all set!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Sorry I’ve been so MIA on the blog lately; work has been crazy and I haven’t wanted to do much when I get home. I’ll try to get two posts up this week but I make no promises.

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Superbowl Sunday

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for some Superbowl Sunday!

I decided to break from the Disneybound princesses for my 19 week photo since I had to dress for the football theme.

I found this adorable shirt on Amazon and just had to have it. Even though I’ll only get to wear it this one time this pregnancy. But, whatever. It’s adorable. And everyone at the Superbowl party told me so lol.

So anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed the Superbowl and had a nice night. Congrats to all you Eagles fans out there. I was essentially at an Eagles party (living in the greater Philadelphia area, it happens) so it was a crazy night.

Thanks for visiting! 🏈 Juli

#FashionFriday: Mickey Week

Happy Friday!!!!!!

I didn’t necessarily set off to have a Mickey week, but by Tuesday I decided that would be the case!

Monday saw me in my burgundy Mickey tee and Mickey necklace. I wanted to see how the flattering fit of this tee would work with my pregnant body. It was actually pretty nice 😀

Tuesday put me in my Mickey jersey shirt and although it was tight, I still liked the way it looked.

For Wednesday I was feeling a Mickey Disneybound so I donned my Mickey best and put together this outfit:

On Thursday I got comfy in my Mickey PJs after a looong day of work 😉

I ended the week today with my new favorite sweatshirt from Target! It’s the perfect end to my Mickey week!!

I hope you enjoyed all my Mickey styles this week! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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Thirty Before Thirty: Family Time

This was initially going to be about going to college football games but I realized that was never something on my list and it’s more common and not really a first. I’m still going to talk about the trip we took this weekend for the Rutgers / Penn State game, but with a different perspective because it was the first time we went away together as an extended family.

What I mean by that is that me, my parents, sister, husband, husband’s parents, and brother-in-law all went away together for the first time. It really means a lot for Dom and I that our families get along (even with the Rutgers / Penn State rivalry of the weekend) and it was really special to all go away together for the game.

The game was on November 11, 2017 and we rented a house for the weekend. Dom’s parents and brother drove up during the day on Friday and Dom, my parents, my sister, and I drove up together after work on Friday. When we arrived we figured out where everyone was sleeping, got things ready for the next morning, and just chatted and watched tv until it got to be around bed time (it was going to be an early morning).

On Saturday we headed to the stadium for the game and some tailgating! We had a breakfast tailgate and then some lunch before the afternoon game. In the morning, Dom and I made our big announcement to our families through the use of cozies 😉


We then went into the game and had a nice (although cold) time there as well. We had pretty good seats!


After the game, we went back to the tailgate and ate a bit more before getting ready to go back to the house. At that point, none of us felt much like going back out so we just hung out around the house for a nice quiet night in.

In the morning we decided to take a (driving) tour around campus so Dom could show us around and then stop for some famous Penn State ice cream!

We also did some posing with the Nittany Lion 😁


In all, it was a really nice trip and it was fun to get to spend time with our whole family 💕

Thanks for visiting! ❤️ Juli

January 2018

As January has come to a close, I find myself thinking back on the past month and looking forward to this year. I don’t typically post a lot of life updates, so I thought it would be nice, especially with a baby coming in June, to start a monthly newsletter. I hope to look back on each month and just sort of outline what’s been going on. We’ll see how this goes!

This month started out with excitement – New Year’s Day! We rang in the New Year at Chris and Lana’s with some friends and family (Anthony). As we drove home, Dom and I discussed the coming year and our ideas, expectations, and resolutions. One of our biggest plans for 2018 involves finding and purchasing a plot of land and starting to build our home.

Some other notable events this month were dinner at Grandma Plumeau’s, Pam’s tea party, Anthony’s birthday, dinner at Aunt Diane’s and Olivia’s Christening.

In baby news, I had my monthly OB/GYN appointment and got to listen to the heartbeat! We were told everything looked great and even given an order for the second trimester ultrasound! In a strange twist of fate, I got a secret peek at Baby when I was in the hospital for an unrelated illness and they sent me for an ultrasound to make sure Baby was doing well. I started to buy and wear some maternity clothes, too, because I’m finally starting to see a bump and my pants were a little tight. I’m really excited about new clothes, actually, and it’s a lot of fun to have an excuse to shop! I’ve also been feeling little kicks from Baby and Dom finally felt a kick just the other night! It was very light but I can tell Baby is getting stronger every day!

We are looking forward to a lot in February and the coming months so tune in next month for more updates!

Off The Shelf: The Dark Lake

Disclaimer: I am not a book critic, I don’t normally do any book analysis, nor am I trained in any sort of literature outside of entry level college courses. I just love to read.

My sister belongs to the Book Of The Month club and I’ve been thinking what a great idea it is. Now that she commutes by train, she devours books so she’s always looking for a good read. I’ve always been the one with my nose suck in a book so it’s nice to share books and enjoy them together (along with my mom). I thought about joining in order to get a new book every month, but I still have quite a few new books on my list and for now I’m busy swapping with Jenn and my mom.

My mom passed The Dark Lake by Sarah Bailey to me after she and my sister read it. It’s always nice to get recommendations and if you have any, let me know.

Recently I’ve been sticking to the sort of bubbly romance books where everyone has a happy ending on my Kindle (especially the series books because then the happiness lasts longer) but I also love a great mystery. I’ve been a big Sue Grafton fan since high school (RIP) and I enjoyed that this book had some similarities – independent female lead who solves murders and puts herself in dangerous situations – but I thought the book itself was unique and interesting.

I enjoyed the fact that the chapters were mainly told from the perspective of the female detective but I loved reading the bits and pieces told from random bystander’s point of view. Little parts of the story start to piece themselves together and you feel as though you can solve the puzzle in the end.

The victim was acquainted with the detective through childhood (high school) and I thought the flash backs to that time were valuable and weaved into the story beautifully.

I didn’t like hearing about how the victim was portrayed. It was difficult to believe that people were so taken with her and the obsession by the main character with her also felt disconnected somehow. I believe the victim was beautiful, but the strange, stalkerish descriptives were a bit off-putting to me. I was never caught under her spell and I didn’t feel as if I ever really knew what she looked like even though they talk about it a lot.

In the end, I enjoyed the fact that the characters all had depth and flaws. I liked that no one was perfect and some of the characters recognized that and withheld judgement because of their own flaws. That seemed more real to me than a beautiful woman no one knew or understood.

At times I wished for the characters to be more this or less that, but I appreciated that they weren’t. It wouldn’t have been in their nature. There are always decisions you make in retrospect and I feel like as the reader, I was trying to push those decisions on the characters because I could see where it was headed – to somewhere uncomfortable. But the uncomfortable is what makes it interesting and so I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’m happy with the ending, even though it wasn’t neatly tied in a bow leaving everyone to their happily ever afters. Actually because of it. If it had ended all happily ever after it probably wouldn’t have been worth the read to begin with. But I enjoyed the development, the changes, and the resolutions. It was way more real that way.

So there it is, some ramblings about The Dark Lake by Sarah Bailey which I recommend.

Let me know if you’ve read it, how you felt, if you liked it, etc.

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DBP2: Rapunzel

It’s Sunday again! Which means it’s time for me to don my princess best for all of you 😉

For week 18 I am going with a Rapunzel Disneybound. To see my previous Rapunzel ‘bound, click here.

I was all about this floral blouse for my cousin’s daughter’s christening this morning which gave me some Rapunzel vibes.

And then I changed into my pink sweat pants and light purple top for yoga!

These colors give me all the Punzie vibes and I even threw on my sunburst earrings and necklace for the picture (took them off for yoga)!

I even channeled my inner Rapunzel during yoga by going barefoot 😉

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for visiting! °o° Juli °ö°

#FashionFriday: Keep

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’ve gotten through the week and are ready for the weekend – I know I am! This week I wanted to talk about some really awesome accessories that are just perfect for everyday wear.

I came across Keep Collective at a friend of the family’s party a few years ago and fell in love with all the designs. I’ve since purchased new “keys” or charms for my bracelet as I went, slowly building it out.

Keepers – I personally chose a leather double-wrap bracelet as my keeper because it was mint and silver (reversible) and the length meant I could add a lot to it. I have come to love so many of the other keepers though, there are just so many designs and styles that it is almost impossible to choose! There are single wrap leather, double wrap leather, triple wrap leather, mesh, metal, multi-chain, woven, and beaded bracelets. There are also necklaces and pins to add charms to! My mom has a pendant necklace that is really nice and my mother-in-law just bought the mesh bracelet keeper that I actually have my eye on as well.

Charms – I believe these used to be called “keys” but charms makes more sense because that is essentially what they are. My first charms included the pyramid wishing stone in rose quartz, a silver cowgirl boot, a key, and I think the engagement ring was one of my originals too (it was the year I was engaged). My mom bought me the turquoise flower and peace sign as birthday presents one year. When the engravables came out, I ordered the heart, engraved with mine and my husband’s wedding date. I also ordered the Mrs charm, and then the sunglasses. For Christmas this past year, my mom bought me one of the new Disney charms – Minnie Mouse! So those are my current charms. I am also getting ready to order more as the new collection has just arrived and there are some awesome Disney charms as well as wanting to start collecting for the baby. But Keep has pretty much anything you can think of!


So anyway, I love the way the charms slide right onto the Keeper and make it easy to change and add whatever you want.

I recently had a design session and if you’d like to order with some special deals, use the link below before January 31st 2018!

Julianne’s Design Session

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Thirty Before Thirty: Yoga

Hi friends! Happy Thursday! I hope your weeks are going well and starting to wind down into the weekend. This week I attended my first yoga class and I really enjoyed it.

In an effort to stay active during the winter and throughout my pregnancy, I decided to sign up for a prenatal yoga class. I thought it sounded like fun and since my sister and my grandma both do yoga and love it, I figured I’d enjoy it as well. I signed up for a six week course that meets every Sunday at 4:30 PM. This time seemed good for me and it’s good for me to have somewhat of a schedule.

When I arrived on Sunday I was nervous since I had never taken a yoga class before. I thought it might be nice to put myself out there and meet other pregnant women as well. I did have my own yoga mat that I bought at Five Below and it’s super cute so I was happy about that. Everything else was set out for us.

My only regret was that I didn’t get there early enough to claim a spot in the front row and couldn’t really see the instructor very well – which is really difficult for a beginner. I’m going to have to try and get there earlier this coming week in order to see better. We did all sorts of poses and let me tell you, it can be difficult! I learned that I really have very little upper body strength, so I need to work on that, and I am not as flexible as I used to be.

I am motivated by the other women in the class though, most of whom are farther along in their pregnancies than I am, that can bend and do all these poses. My goal is to really get more flexible and get familiar with the poses so I can really feel like I’ve improved by the end of the course!

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of yoga classes!

Thanks for visiting! ❤ Juli

Have you ever done yoga before? Any tips or tricks or wisdom you could impart on a beginner?