#FashionFriday: Bathing Suit Edition

Happy Friday friends!

As I get ready to return to Disney in 8 weeks, I’ve decided to do a look-back on my previous park attire!

A bathing suit is pretty much a staple for me on vacation, especially at a theme park. I like to wear one under my clothes in case I get on a water ride. That being said, there should also be time to lounge by the pool and today’s #FashionFriday is all about the bathing suit. Let’s take a look:


This bathing suit is from Amazon. I ordered it before my trip in 2015 and wore it again in 2016. It was perfect for the parks with the Minnie-style polka dots!

My bathing suit was perfect for an afternoon of lounging around the Grand Floridian pool last September 9, 2016 while I waited for Jenn to finish up at her conference.


56 Days till Disney!!

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Thirty Before Thirty: Four Places At Once

Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to visit Four Corners. I was a big reader growing up and a fan of the Baby-Sitters Club (BSC) and Baby-Sitters Little Sister series’ by Ann M Martin. In one of these books they take a cross-country road trip, half going the northern route and half going the southern route, and one of their stops is Four Corners. The moment I read about it I knew it would be on my list of places to visit one day. When Dom and I started planning our honeymoon road trip, it was the perfect opportunity to go.

4 Corners

The monument and place where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet is on a Native American Reservation. Around the area there are some vendors and then a line to stand at the spot where all four states meet. There were quite a few tourists when we arrived so we stood in line behind a big group of motorcyclists out on a ride. When it was our turn, we asked the person behind us to take our picture and we stood on the intersection! It was definitely something I will remember for a long, long time.

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Talk Like A Pirate Day

ARRR – Yesterday was Talk Like A Pirate Day so I wanted to highlight some of my favorite pirates 😉

First are my cousin’s Kenny and Steven as Captain Hook and Smee when we were little. Bonus is my grandpa also being a pirate with them 💕


That Halloween Beth was a pirate and I helped make her vest


Next is Reenie and I at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in 2015


We had an awesome time as pirates

On our houseboat trip, we had pirate night ☠️


Gabby’s pirate shirt was on point!


Dom is definitely high up there on my favorite pirate list!
Thanks to all my pirate-y friends!

You’re all pretty awesome 🙂

Trip Talk: FastPass+

Good morning friends!

Yesterday marked our 60 day mark (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so you know what that means!!! It means we got to make our FastPass+ selections!! I have been so excited to get them set up so that I wouldn’t need to worry about them anymore.

Here is what we were fortunate enough to get:

Friday November 17 – Magic Kingdom (MVMCP)



Saturday November 18 – Magic Kingdom (full day)



Sunday November 19 – Epcot (full day)



Monday November 20 – 4 Parks, FastPass+ for Epcot



Tuesday November 21 – Animal Kingdom


I’m so excited because we basically got everything we wanted, including the elusive Flight of Passage Fast Pass! Flight of Passage and Frozen Ever After were my two top priorities when it came to Fast Passes so I’m really glad we were able to score them, even if the times aren’t exactly perfect, they will definitely work! Since we have breakfast at 10:45, I needed to get something early for Flight of Passage or in the afternoon basically. I’m glad I got it early because then we can explore the rest of Pandora in the morning (and basically all day since that is our primary goal for that day).

Frozen Ever After is a bit later than I had initially hoped for but since it is a popular one and everyone tries to go early to get in before the World Showcase officially opens, it is difficult to get. I am still happy with 12:30 because that will actually give us more time in Future World and the Epcot Festival Center before we feel obligated to run to the World Showcase. It frees up our morning a bit more. I was hoping for a 9:30 Spaceship Earth in case the line for Joy and Sadness is long (that is going to be our first stop) but 9 will have to do. We should be through the Joy and Sadness line before 10, I just get nervous that it might cut close.

I’m definitely excited about meeting Tinker Bell, as I actually haven’t before (at least as far as I can remember). I’m totally stoked to get to meet her and then will have to meet Peter Pan right after. We chose Splash Mountain for that night because we won’t be in our Dapper attire and it’s one less thing we’ll want to do the following day (it’s one of my favorite rides ever, so it had to happen). I was a little bummed that Fast Passes for Mine Train were totally out so we couldn’t get that, but I’m sure we’ll be able to wait in line for it during the party and it won’t be as bad of a wait.

I’m so happy we got the Fast Passes for Space Mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Haunted Mansion at the times we wanted on Dapper Day. That should give us enough time to take lots of pictures and ride the Tea Cups and explore Fantasyland in the morning all Dapper before getting on Space Mountain. Then Peter Pan’s Flight and Haunted Mansion are some of our favorites and since our last one ends at 2, we could possibly pick up Thunder Mountain or something else for the evening.

The Four Parks Day will also be perfect with Soarin’ and Living with the Land so I’m really looking forward to that. This will also give us time to possibly pick up a Tower of Terror Fast Pass for the evening in Studios.

In all, I am totally excited about our itinerary and cannot wait for our trip!! Let the countdown begin!!

Only 59 Days to Disney!


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Epcot Festival STYLE

Happy Saturday Friends!

Today I decided to check out the different apparel available for Epcot’s festivals – in particular, Food and Wine Festival!

Since I have only been to Food and Wine, that is my current area of expertise (lol) but I plan on expanding my knowledge base this year at the International Festival of the Holidays which was announced last week and I expressed my excitement for it on Tuesday.

The time of year is just right for new Food and Wine apparel so I’ll go from head to toe!

There are so many Food and Wine ears on Etsy so I just chose a few of my favorites that I saw out there.


These ears are from DisneyWorldObsessed on Etsy and are completely adorable! Wire ears are everywhere lately and I just love the wine colored flowers along with the grapes and cork – it just screams wine to me!

wine2My second pick is from OhanaBowtique on Etsy. I love the Spaceship Earth backdrop with the wine colored bow and the grapes and mini wine bottle charm. I think these let everyone know that you fully intend to spend the day at Epcot – whether it’s in Future World at Spaceship Earth or exploring the wines around the World Showcase!


Next are these cork ears which also give off lots of wine vibes. They are on Etsy by MagicMyEars. The wine colored bow paired with the wine cork ears creates an atmosphere for any red wine drinker out there. They would be a great addition to any Food and Wine outfit!


I could see any of the three of those ears pairing well with my 2015 Food and Wine shirt!


Next up are shirts! Since drinking around the world is a big thing at Epcot, I tried to choose shirts that were festival specific, not just for any time of the year. That being said, there are SO MANY amazing drinking around the world shirts out there that I may need to do another post about them. I have most of them favorited to my Etsy account already because I just want ALL THE WINE SHIRTS!


This shirt basically says it all – “I’m here for the Epcot Food & Wine Festival and Mickey and countries and Spaceship Earth”. I’m actually impressed they were able to squeeze all that into the shirt without it being too much, but I think they did a great job. This shirt in particular is on Etsy by TheFashionableMouse and it is definitely fashionable 😉


I really like this shirt because instead of the emphasis on drinking, it’s all about eating!! The food selections are amazing and it is so appropriate to be ready for all the food huts 🙂 This is on Etsy by MagicalDayDesign. I also appreciate that this could be worn by a child in attendance without it being inappropriate. Great for the foodie in all of us 😉


Straight to the point, we are most definitely going to Epcot for the Food and Wine during this festival, so why not say it? This shirt is by MainStreetMagicCo and also can be found on Etsy.


I’m really loving this shirt by magicalmusthaves on Etsy. It’s got the food in there, the wine, and even some beer for the beer drinkers! I love the way the liquids are splashing out as they cheers each other and the way the colors all work together.

In all, I really loved the apparel for Food & Wine festival! When I was at Food & Wine I wore a wine colored dress – also acceptable in my opinion – and had a blast trying all the selections!


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#FashionFriday: Under the Sea

Happy Friday friends!

As I get ready to return to Disney in 9 weeks, I’ve decided to do a look-back on my previous park attire!

Today’s #FashionFriday is all about the Little Mermaid. Let’s take a look:

img1505264041456 (2)

My outfit includes:

  1. Mermaid shirt – guys, I have no idea where I bought this shirt! It is Disney official but I know I didn’t get it at Disney or from the Disney Store. It had to have been at a store like Hot Topic or possibly WalMart or something and I only bought it two years ago so one would think I would remember…
  2. Teal running shorts – these are Danskin and I probably got these at WalMart. They are a great lightweight quick-drying material which I felt was perfect for the parks.
  3. Starfish earrings – I’ve had these for a while and I think they were a gift from my aunt probably.
  4. Starfish hair clip – I got this on Amazon, but it broke the first time I wore it. It just popped off the clip part so it was nothing a little hot glue wouldn’t fix, but I would recommend a better quality so I’m not going to link to it here.
  5. Wave ring – this ring is from Pura Vida and is popping up everywhere. I’m in love with the wave symbol so this was a must for me.
  6. Wave bracelets – again, Pura Vida. My mom and my sister got me hooked.
  7. Mint Vans – comfortable and the perfect color, these shoes are my first choice for a mermaid-y day in the parks. I even added some purple laces!
  8. Ocean Wave Crossbody – my wave bag goes perfectly with this look and is the perfect size for keeping your phone within reach while in the parks 😉

I wore a variation of this on October 8, 2015 when Reenie and I rope dropped Magic Kingdom 🙂 We had such a blast running around all day and into the night! The outfit was great for the warm weather and comfortable for the long day.


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Thirty Before Thirty: Dying my Hair

Good morning friends!

This past weekend I did something that I had been thinking about for quite a while, but could never bring myself to do it – I dyed my hair.

This may not be so shocking as most people before the age of thirty have dyed their hair or colored it in some way, but not me. The closest I had ever come to dying my hair was that spray stuff they sell around Halloween.

So I love my natural hair color. There’s nothing wrong with it, I have some nice natural highlights, and I enjoyed donating my hair which I knew I wouldn’t be able to do once I dyed it.

Last year I had intended to dye my hair after I chopped it off for my last donation, but I just didn’t do it. Lately, though, I’d been thinking about it more often and finally just bit the bullet and made the appointment.

I’m really glad I did.

While most people probably don’t notice the difference right away, I am so excited about the new color and tones that I can’t stop looking at it. I didn’t go for a drastic difference, but now that I’ve dyed it once, I won’t be held back by that nagging “but I’ve never dyed it”. What’s done is done and it’s a bit bittersweet. Almost like an end to that era of my life.

IMG_20170909_112105Anyway, I can’t get all nostalgic. The best part is I won’t keep finding pesky grays that I swore I was too young for. And I LOVE the color.

I walked to Simply Stunning Hair Studio in Yardley, PA early Saturday morning. I met my hair stylist, Kerri, and she helped me choose the color I was looking for. She had color books with hair color samples as well so we could see what color my hair was closest to and go a step or two from there.

By the time I was done, I was so happy with the results! Kerri did an awesome job and I’m so glad I got over myself enough to just go do it 🙂

Anyway, let me know what you think or if you can even see the difference 😉

hair collage (1)

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Trip Talk: Epcot Festivals!

I’ve decided to go off book today in celebration of Epcot’s announcement of the International Festival of the Holidays running November 19th through December 30th!

The only festival at Epcot that I’ve actually been to is the Food and Wine Festival, but I was tempted to book a flight when they announced the Festival of the Arts last winter and I’ve been wanting to go to Flower and Garden Festival for a few years now. I just love Epcot and I personally love the idea that there is a different festival going on almost all the time. If that is what Disney is moving toward, I’m on board!

It’s not a secret that Epcot is my favorite park, so when I realized that the Holiday Festival was going to be starting on literally the day I was planning to be in Epcot, I actually squealed!

When I finally calmed down enough to look at the offerings, I just continued to remain excited.

One thing I love (but have yet to try) about Easter time at Epcot is the hidden Easter eggs around the park. I’ve seen many an Instagram post about the egg hunt at Epcot, or the three hunts at Disneyland and when I saw that in conjunction with the festival is an ornament hunt in a similar style, I was so excited!

The premise is that we will be looking for Chip and Dale with ornaments around the World Showcase. Since it will be the first day of the festival, I am both nervous and excited because there won’t be any spoilers yet and we’re really going to have to look for them! This will, ultimately, give us ample opportunity to explore each country in the World Showcase while we taste the festival food. Which brings me to…

My favorite thing about the Epcot festivals is the food kiosks! I am really looking forward to seeing what they have to offer as far as holiday selections and can’t wait to try to eat everything!!! My mouth is already salivating at the prospect of more foods to try.

402My hope for this festival is that they might have a tasting pass like they do for Food and Wine (I don’t know if this is a festival standard, but it should be). I found during food and wine that as long as you use the pass for the higher priced items, you will more than get your money’s worth. I also hope my husband doesn’t get too upset with me while I try to spend all our money on festival merch 😀

Well, that’s all I have for today!



Have you ever been to a festival at Epcot? What’s your favorite part? Will you get to try the Festival of the Holidays this year? Let me know in the comments!

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Rogue Princess

Today on my blog I’m talking about Marvel. And Disney princesses. And Instagram.

I recently realized that my instagram handle (@rogue_princess_) may not be all that clear as to what it means to some people. I came across this realization on my sister’s birthday last Tuesday while we were at dinner talking about what she affectionately calls “RP”. When I created my instagram name, I was looking to make it something that would share what my Instagram was about and who I was. At the time, I created this account so that my personal account wouldn’t (a) get bogged down with Disney posts and (b) be me posting so much pop culture that my friends and family would get sick of it. I created the account and didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want my followers to feel obligated to follow another account that may just be content that they are uninterested in.

Anyway, I did my best to choose two words/names/titles that would describe what I would mainly be posting.

So no, Rogue does not mean this:


Or even this:


Go google image search Rogue and you will see why I chose it.

If you’re too lazy, here:


So I knew I had to incorporate Rogue into my name because I’ve been working on my Rogue cosplay (seen previously here) and was anticipating many more X-Men posts than has been the case thus far. I chose Princess because it is definitely equal parts (or more) Disney princess posts and I was in the thick of my Disneybound Princesses when I started this Instagram account.

Ironically, or maybe subconsciously, my first ever Comic Con that I attended I cosplayed both Rogue and a Disney Princess. I guess I had that on my mind when I was beginning my new account.

(If you can’t tell, because it’s not completely obvious, that is a pre-ball Cinderella cosplay I did…aside from that my hair is brown I thought it was decent)

Guys! I really need motivation to finish my Rogue cosplay since ACBC was canceled this summer! What’s a good Con I should attend that has a decent amount of cosplayers but also won’t break the bank??

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Run Like Wonder Woman!

Hi Friends!

Last night I took part in the Superhero Color Glow Run at Six Flags and got to run like Wonder Woman! If you’ve been reading my blog long, you would know I love Wonder Woman. I put together an outfit to wear during the run that included my shorts from my 4th of July run, my Wonder Woman wrist cuffs, and Wonder Woman headband. I also bought a new tank top for the occasion (because you can never have too much Wonder Woman) and we received capes at registration!

Guys, I even talked Dom into participating and I’m still surprised he did!!

Before the ride, Battle for Metropolis was open and we were welcome to ride as long as we hadn’t used our color powder yet. I took the opportunity to take a picture with the Justice League statue in the ride line.

Right outside the Hall of Justice I met Batman and Robin, who were more than happy to pose for a picture with Wonder Woman 😉

Next it was time to get our powder on so we had a bit of a color fight 😂

All set to take on the run!

The course was not a full 5k and went both inside and outside of the park. It started in Movie Town and went “backstage” and came out between Nitro and the Congo Rapids (which I heard a little boy refer to as the “Congo Rabbits” 😂). The course took us across a wooden bridge, through Bugs Bunny National Park, and past Skull Mountain and the Joker before putting us on the path down by the water. As we ran down here, we could see decorations for Fright Fest, which starts next weekend, already appearing.

We were then ushered down towards Medusa (sorry, Bizzaro ) and made the turn through the smoking section towards El Toro. El Diablo was all lit up which was pretty cool. We ran past and around bringing us almost at Kingda Ka before turning towards the area that used to be America themed and is now superheroes. We ran behind Superman and Green Lantern down a panel section that was slung with gravel, making it difficult to keep my footing for a bit. We came out on the other side of Superman and ran back down the boardwalk games area, past Houdini, and past the fountain at the front of the park. We then went through the picnic area, dropping us in Movie Town, right at the foot of the Hall of Justice for a finish!

I was expecting closer to a 5k, but my Fitbit reported only 2.32 miles. It wasn’t bad and I was able to run the entire thing at a steady pace of 10:41 minutes a mile, finishing at 24:47. I was happy with it, but wished it would have been just a little longer so I could have pushed myself a bit more.

Overall it was great though and the powder really helped me see some areas that I was sweating the most 😂😂😂

I feel good about beating the Joker back to the Hall of Justice before he could cause any more trouble! 😉

Afterwards The Dark Knight Coaster, Batman, and Nitro were all running and we rode them in that order before calling it a night (it got pretty cold!). We weren’t allowed to use Photo Pass so I didn’t get my ride picture from Nitro but it was a good one that I plan to recreate in the future 😉!

Well, that was my run! I really enjoyed it and hopefully next time can get some more friends to run it with me 😊

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