Trip Talk: All Packed!

Hi friends!

I am officially all packed and ready to go! I can’t believe our trip is this week and I am overjoyed just thinking about how close we are.

As a bit of a recap, we are leaving Wednesday evening for a stop over in Virginia and then going the rest of the way to Orlando on Thursday. My hope is to possibly run to Disney Springs Thursday night so we can have more time to explore the resorts on Friday. 

Friday evening we will be attending Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party which is a first for us. I’m getting very excited for some of the treats I’ve seen so far and can’t wait to try them!

Saturday brings us back to the Magic Kingdom for Dapper Day! I can’t wait to show you all my outfit; I’ve been planning it for such a long time now!!

Sunday’s Dapper Day is in Epcot and is also the first day of Epcot’s holiday festival. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what that has in store for us!

On Monday we will attempt a Four Parks day. I had a plan and a schedule and then we discovered extra magic hours at Animal Kingdom start at 7am and then Magic Kingdom is open until midnight. This may be a super long day but it gives us that much more time to explore the parks!

Tuesday is our last day and will be spent primarily at Animal Kingdom where there is so much that is new since I’ve last been to the parks that I hope we get to everything! 

In all, I cannot wait!  If anyone will be in the parks Friday through Tuesday, let me know in the comments!! 

As always, thanks for visiting! °o° Juli °ö°


#FashionFriday: Why Wine?

Happy Friday friends!


Today’s #FashionFriday look-back on my previous park attire is wine-y as the Food & Wine Festival winds down. Jenn and I wore this and did the Wine Walk, but it’s perfect for Food & Wine Festival as well. We were just a little early for that. Let’s take a look:

20160909121004 (2)

Jenn and I were twins in these adorable outfits! They include:

  1. Tinkerbell Wine shirt – I found this shirt on Etsy and decided it was perfect for Jenn and I. We are both big fans of Tinkerbell and also wine. We had planned on the Wine Walk ahead of time and I knew this would be just right! We received so many compliments on these shirts in the park and had such a fun time wearing them.
  2. Polka dot skirt – Again, I found this skirt on Amazon. After buying the pink one for myself, I bought the red one for Jenn. I was actually not sure she would wear it, but she did and loved it 🙂
  3. Sparkle clip ears – These were from Etsy too, I bought the red ones for Jenn after buying the pink ones for myself. We both love the clip-style over the headbands. They are so comfortable and you can wear them all day and not even remember you have them on!
  4. A glass of wine (pictured below) – optional but highly recommended to top off this look 🙂

We wore this at Epcot on September 10, 2016 and had a blast completing the Wine Walk – If you miss Food & Wine Festival, I definitely recommend the Wine Walk!


Thanks for visiting! ºoº Juli ºöº


Thirty Before Thirty: Riding A Mule

20160902104100So mule riding was not really on my radar until we started booking our Grand Canyon part of our honeymoon. Someone suggested looking into it, with warnings that the spots fill up fast. So, about 8 months before our honeymoon, I called up to book the trip. There were lots of regulations and weight constraints but once I got through everything we received the information in the mail.

We needed to weigh in either the evening before the ride or the morning of. We drove onto the National Park with just enough time to get us weighed in the night before so we didn’t need to get up extra early in the morning. They told us where to meet to get on the bus to the mules and we went back to the hotel.

In the morning, we headed to the barn to wait for the bus and started talking with some of the other people there. There were 14 of us and we were going out in two groups. We were split up 7 and 7 and Dom and I ended up in the second group with another married couple and a family of three.


We were taught about the animals and how mules were used because they are smarter and larger than donkeys and are sure-footed and they don’t scare the same way horses do. If a horse gets scared it reacts right away, potentially jumping right into the canyon with you on it’s back. A mule freezes until it can assess the situation and make a decision, thus, a bit safer for a walk around the rim of the Grand Canyon.

The mules for the rim walk were well trained and basically retired from the walks into the canyon. That meant they knew exactly what to do and followed each other on the trail. The trail was really spectacular with views of the canyon that were just Awesome. We were each allowed to have a camera or binoculars to be worn on us while riding. I had my camera and Dom took his Go-Pro and we got some great pictures and video.


We had such a fun time and would love to do the trip into the canyon next time! I highly recommend this experience. It was so fun.

Thanks for visiting!Juli

Trip Talk: Packing Jewelry

My Disney trip is exactly a month away today! I am beyond excited about being in Disney again and cannot wait to spend time in the parks! Today I’m continuing my packing list with my jewelry.

My typical jewelry in the parks consists of just the basics. I like stud earrings because they don’t pull or get in the way, but lately I’ve had issues with them digging into my neck because I accidentally wore them to sleep. This has made me hesitant to pack a pair for this trip but I am planning on bringing my rose stud earrings, my pretzel earrings, and my snowflake earrings.

I always try to wear my Mickey Mouse heads necklace in the parks. I bought it as a souvenir for myself and four of my friends while at Disney my freshmen year of college. I used to forget I had it but it has proven to be the perfect necklace for the parks – not too long to get caught on anything and themed perfectly 😉

I like pretty basic rings. I’ll wear my wedding band and engagement ring on my left hand but my right hand will most likely be just my regular plain band that I got at a craft fair.

On my wrists I will have my Magic Band and my FitBit so there’s really not much more room for bracelets. I do plan on wearing my Christmas charm bracelet to the Christmas party, however.

That’s it for my parks basic packing for this week! Jewelry is usually something I keep very minimal while traveling to avoid losing anything. I think this will keep it at the perfect level and I won’t have to worry about having the right piece or not!

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10 Days to Disney!!!

#FashionFriday: Something Flowy

Happy Friday friends!

As I get ready to return to Disney in only TWO weeks, I’ve decided to do a look-back on my previous park attire!

Comfort in the parks sometimes means wearing something breathable and flowy. That’s why today’s #FashionFriday is all about the sundress. Let’s take a look:


A cotton sundress is just the thing for a nice day walking around the park! It is flowy and comfortable and feels just right at the park (and look – pockets!!). I also normally wear spandex shorts underneath just in case the wind blows the wrong way or you decide to go on a roller coaster or something.

Reenie and I chose to wear our dresses to Epcot for Food and Wine Festival on October 10, 2015 so I chose this wine colored dress. It survived some rain and still kept me comfy!



when you stand on line in a rain storm to get these drinks that match your dress…

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Only 14 Days To Disney!!!!

Thirty Before Thirty: A Masquerade!

Happy Birthday Reenie!!! You can wish her Happy Birthday too at

For her birthday this year, Reenie hosted a formal Masquerade and it was so much fun! I had never been to a Masquerade themed party before but it was really, truly, beautifully done.

The cocktail tables were all adorned with masks, backlit by tea lights


The formal dining table was set buffet-style so that guests could mingle and eat around the cocktail tables inside and outside


It was all very pretty and set the tone for a more formal occasion. Of course, once everything was ready, we had to start the evening off with a selfie in true Reenie and Juli fashion


There was an outdoor area with fairy-lighting that was just gorgeous


I had to get a photo of myself all dressed up for the occasion. I wore a gold dress I found at Ross and a gold mask from Party City. My shoes are Guess and were actually my wedding shoes.

Dom looked handsome in his formal wear and we looked pretty nice together


Every single guest got into the theme and showed up in formal wear and mask


Desserts were also amazing and we sang to the gorgeous birthday girl


In all, it was a total hit and we closed the night with a sing-along


We had a wonderful time and I hope Reenie had a wonderful celebration and is having a wonderful birthday today!


Thanks for visiting! ❤ Juli

P.S. If you haven’t been following my blog, I am only 15 days away from being in Disney with Dom and Reenie! 

Happy November!

It’s November!!! Do you know what that means?? It means Disney is THIS MONTH!

First off, I totally missed my second post going up on Castle Party Blog last Friday. If you want to check it out, it’s about my second day of our trip to West Virginia and we did a group Disneybound 😉

Toy Story Group

Can you guess? No? Check out my post on Castle Party Blog!

Halloween was yesterday, and if you missed it on Instagram, I was Winnie-the-Pooh.

I’m so looking forward to the month of November and the fun it’s going to bring! October was great but I’m ready for the next few weeks of fun!

This weekend I will be helping my sister distress some furniture for her apartment (she moves in next month) and also have a chill day/probably have to make some purses most of the day.

The following weekend we will be at the Penn State / Rutgers game with our whole family and we’ve been really excited about it since Dom graduated from Penn State and my sister graduated from Rutgers. I hope it’s not too cold out. I’ll be bringing and selling some Penn State bags.

Then we leave for Disney! Dom and I are officially leaving Wednesday night, the 15th, and stopping over in Virginia. We then drive the rest of the way in the morning of the 16th. We’re there for a long weekend and then drive home on Wednesday the 22nd so that we can still celebrate Thanksgiving with our families!

Thanksgiving will be split between Dom’s parents’ house and my aunt’s house. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it is always so much fun! This year my mom’s entire family will be there and I’m super stoaked because everyone is so spread out (Wisconsin, Colorado, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts) and we hardly get to see each other all together. It’s been a year since my cousin’s wedding which was the last time we were all together since not everyone could make it to Puerto Rico in March for my other cousin’s wedding. I’m looking forward to eating lots of Turkey and gobbling at the neighbors 😉


this was a few years ago when we were all turkeys

I work Black Friday but then we are doing like a Jeep decorating thing for Christmas afterward? I’m not really sure what it is, but Dom wants to do it and it looks like fun.

Then we’re in the last weekend of November and there’s a Turkey trot I was thinking about as well as dinner with my co-workers on Sunday for my one co-worker who is transferring to Jacksonville.

So, November is going to be BUSY – but in a great way! I am very excited for everything November has to offer 🙂

Thanks for visiting! ºoº Juli ºöº

16 Days to Disney!!!!!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Friends!!

Our trip is closer yet, but I am taking a break this week from our regularly scheduled programming to take a look back at Halloween at Disney and my past Disney Halloween costumes!

Magic Kingdom at Halloween









Past Halloween Costumes



Happy Halloween! 17 Days to Disney!!!

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50 States

As many of you know, Dom and I love taking road trips or any little trips and doing adventurous things.

For our honeymoon we drove part of Route 66 in 4 states.

For our Paper Anniversary I started a photo map of all the states we have been to together so that we can add to it as we visit other states! We are so excited to share some of our experiences with everyone and I will be posting our previous state trips as well as the ones we add to our map moving forward!

We have one or two coming up so far so stay tuned for our travel fun!

Happy Travels! Juli & Dom

#FashionFriday: Minnie Mouse ºöº

Happy Friday friends!

As I get ready to return to Disney in only 3 WEEKS (!!), I’ve decided to do a look-back on my previous park attire!

Minnie Mouse is my main gal and today’s #FashionFriday is all about her. Let’s take a look:

IMG_20171018_191153 (2)

My outfit includes:

  1. Minnie Mouse shirt – I found this shirt on Amazon and knew it would be just what I was looking for! I was going with the pink theme so I needed something Minnie and pink for this outfit. The shirt I bought is no longer available but you could easily find something similar like this Minnie Mouse tank top 🙂
  2. Pink polka dot skirt – This skirt was also from Amazon, I picked it up specifically to go with my Minnie Mouse Van shoes.
  3. Sparkly Minnie ear clips – I found these on Etsy and fell in love. I’ve talked before about how headbands tend to hurt and when I found the ear clips and in pink polka dot I had to buy them!
  4. Minnie Mouse Vans – these were a treat I bought myself before my trip in 2015. You may notice I am wearing them in most pictures from the parks because of the comfort factor and the style. I LOVE these shoes.

I wore this at Disney California Adventure Park on August 29, 2016 while Dom and I were on our Honeymoon ❤


Thanks for visiting! ºoº Juli ºöº

21 Days ’til Disney!!!