The Final Weeks

And just like that we are in the final countdown of my pregnancy. With Week 39 around the corner, it has become a whirlwind of planning for Baby and getting everything ready around the house. This is my last (official) week at work and it is becoming exhausting. I’ve been so busy outside of work that it is nice to be able to relax and just make sure that my temp is going to be able to do everything I normally do while I am away (she will be fine – she’s awesome. I’m neurotic and it’s been difficult to relinquish control but I’m getting there).

This past weekend we did ALL THE LAUNDRY to make sure Baby’s clothes are all clean and ready. We also got most of Baby’s room settled with the exception of hanging artwork, etc. I need to buy command hooks but that isn’t the end of the world.

This week sort of looks like this:

  • Monday – work and finish Baby’s laundry / tell husband where to hang things / finally start Thank You notes from the baby shower
  • Tuesday – work and then Wal-Mart / anything we need there
  • Wednesday – OB apt then work then Trenton Thunder game for Dad’s work picnic
  • Thursday – work and then baby things (Summer luncheon at work)
  • Friday – work and then baby things (unofficial last day of work)
  • Saturday – all the baby things!
  • Sunday – brunch with my co-workers

After Sunday it’s just going to be a waiting game to see when Baby will show up. I mean, I guess that’s already started but I can’t think about it this week because I still have like one responsibility at work that I need to fulfill before I leave on Maternity. I’m so tired though. I know being a Mom is going to mean I am tired all the time but why does it have to start already?

Anyway, I will hopefully get everything on my list done this week so that next week can be way more relaxed. Also, I’m looking forward to a lot this week so I don’t want to miss out on anything by being too tired or something. I guess that’s it for now. I should get to work on these Thank You notes.

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Packing my Hospital Bag

So my baby shower is over and it went wonderfully! I was so excited and now we have the excitement of putting everything away. I also promised myself that as soon as the baby shower was over we would start thinking about and putting together the hospital bag. I keep looking at all these lists on Pinterest and, I’m not going to lie, getting a little overwhelmed. I just don’t know if I’ll be prepared enough and I’m starting to get nervous about having everything I need and all the things that go into having a baby. I think maybe planning my shower and looking forward to it was keeping me calm because now all I can think about is being ready for the baby and the hospital.

After my husband helps me set up the book case in the baby’s room, I think I’m going to have him start to install the car seat bases in our cars. The car seat itself is also a carrier so that will definitely be thrown in the car with the hospital bag when the time comes. For now, we need to leave it out because we really won’t know what car we’ll have when the time comes.

Next, I plan to pack all the daily essentials that I would normally put in my overnight bag – travel toothbrush, travel toothpaste, deodorant, hair brush, hair ties, extra phone charger, extra fit bit charger, daily vitamins, travel shampoo, conditioner & body wash. These should be easy because I normally keep most of them in my travel bag anyway.

As for clothes, I’m probably going to mostly pack black/dark leggings/yoga pants. I want to be as comfortable as possible when I’m actually wearing pants so I think this will be helpful. I’ll pack a few pairs of underwear in there that I know are comfortable also. I have three maternity/nursing bras and I will probably pack one and wear one. I also registered for some nursing tank tops which were purchased but not yet delivered so as soon as I receive them they will also go into the bag. I also think I will pack a comfy sweatshirt in case it’s cold in the hospital (I’m always cold). I’ll have to find a zip up that works. Perhaps the fleece I brought to Disney. As for pajamas, I did put a set of nursing pajamas on my Birthday Wish list but I didn’t receive them (I don’t think Dom shared my wish list like I asked him to) and so I put them on my registry. I’ll still need to purchase them before I have the baby if I want to pack them so we shall see what happens. Last in the clothes-for-me section is socks. Some people say warm socks, some say non-slip, I’m going to see what I have and make my decision from that. My dad may have some non-slip socks I could borrow from when he had his knee surgery. I honestly don’t care what they look like, it just seems practical.

As for other accessories, I’ll most likely be wearing my sneakers, but I definitely plan on bringing a pair of flip-flops for the shower and possibly a pair of slippers. I’ll also throw one (or all three) of my nursing scarves in the bag as well just in case I decide I want a little privacy when feeding the baby (if we have a lot of company, which we probably will). I may bring my robe or housecoat but both seem a little warm for this time of year so I’m still debating that.

The only other thing (for me) that I would not have thought of is chapstick. All the lists have this so I’ll be packing it as well but I never would have thought to have it on my own. I also sort of want to have my own water bottle/cup so that it can be refilled and I can have it with me. Also on my list are some maternity pads.

For Dom, he’ll probably want his own toiletries and a change of clothes as well as some cash and his own water bottle (I don’t share well and he always wants a sip of my drink. Something tells me that during labor this is not going to fly).

For Baby, well, this is where I have so many unknowns! What will my baby need right when s/he comes into the world? I plan on a few solid onesies in different sizes (you never know), one or two swaddle blankets, and the going home outfit we picked out. Will I need my diaper bag too? I’m absolutely unsure of how much to bring for Baby since I know the hospital provides some things. I’ve also seen the boppy on a few lists…not sure if we should pack ours or not.

I will also have our baby book packed in the bag (such a special gift from my God daughter) and the notebook I’ve been keeping for Baby. I know I’ll probably want to write a lot after Baby is born so I’ll have to keep it handy so I can write when I have time.

Okay, so that’s all I can think of but I’m sure I’ve left something off so let me know if you have any suggestions!

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Blogging and Such

So yeah, I stopped blogging again recently after promising I would keep up more…

Well, it just so happens that I now have no storage on Word Press for photos. This is extremely disappointing since I love posting photos and am not happy at all about having to stop posting pictures with my posts. I feel that the photos add to the story and when I take them away it’s much more difficult for me. I also just plain love photos so it stinks to not have that capability.

I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do, but for now you can follow along on my Instagram and I will have to settle for photo-less posts.

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April 2018

April really flew by and I can’t believe I’m 30!


On my birthday we went to dinner in Bordentown and had delicious food. My mom made me a tiara, which I wore all day, to celebrate my turning 30 (I still can’t believe it!). Dom and I also celebrated with an early morning pretzel in celebration of National Pretzel Day!

We have been tirelessly preparing for Baby around the house and have also started receiving shower gifts which has been so exciting!

Baby is doing well and after a gestational diabetes scare, so is Mommy. This month was a ton of testing for glucose levels but I finally received my results on Friday that I do not, in fact, have gestational diabetes.

Easter was April 1st and we found out that there will be another baby joining our extended family in October – my cousin’s wife is pregnant! This is such exciting news and I really can’t wait for all the baby things!! I got to see her in the beginning of April as we celebrated my other cousin’s Confirmation and we talked all things babies and it was so nice to have someone close to me going through the same things.

April also starts festival season/beautiful weather and we were lucky enough to celebrate Earth Day, as well as attend Rutgers Ag/Field Day and Shad Fest! All of these were wonderful and I’m looking forward to more in the coming months. Rutgers Day was Jenn, Dad, and I and we really took advantage of the food and everything they had to offer. We didn’t purchase any plants this year because we got there later than usual and had to park pretty far away so it would be a lot to carry. We visited Shad Fest the next day and this time Dom was home so it was us, Mom, Dad, and the Thunell’s. It was really nice getting to spend time with Renee and Mike and, of course, Gavin was adorable as always.

We also met up with Arielle and James in New Hope earlier in the month to go to dinner and hang out which was a blast. Laureen and Luke came to see our townhouse for the first time as well and we had a really nice, albeit rainy, day. Then Dom and I also got to see Reenie’s apartment for the first time and she made us lunch which was delicious! In all, we spent a lot of time with friends this month and for that I am grateful! The next few weekends will be focused on family so we’re glad we got to see most of our close friends in April.

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Pixar Fest Friday – A Bugs Life

Happy Friday!!

The second Pixar film to be released was A Bugs Life on November 25, 1998. It came out only a month after DreamWorks’ Antz and many people were confused as to why two different movies were being made about insects – talk about competition!

A Bugs Life brought us into – you guessed it – the world of bugs. I don’t remember too much of this movie and I don’t think I watched it too many times, but I do remember the circus bugs and they were pretty funny. In the end, it was about overcoming obsticles and being brave in the face of controversy.

What I remember more than the movie, is It’s Tough To Be A Bug, the 4-D movie at Walt Disney World. I hated this as a child because of the 4-D of it and feeling bugs – it was just so creepy! I think they’ve changed it up since then though because when my sister and I went in 2016 there weren’t as many 4-D effects as we’d remembered.

Dom and I also walked through “A Bug’s Land” at Disney California Adventure Park. It was super cute, but we weren’t inclined to ride the rides since they were geared toward more of a younger audience. I took a photo or two though, because the theming was really cute.

Anyway, since this movie wasn’t as popular as some of the other Pixar movies (at least in my book), today was my first Disneybound of it. I chose Heimlich because what’s not to love about a chunky caterpillar? Also, I’m pregnant so I’m eating ALL the food, lol.


Outfit details:

  • Shirt – Motherhood Maternity (birthday present from my parents)
  • Leggings – Lula Roe (birthday present from my parents)
  • Necklace & earrings – bought years ago from a jewelry party and I don’t remember what the brand was

A Bug’s Life merch was much more difficult to find, but here are the few things I did find from some shops I love:

Adventureland Ears Co (Etsy/Instagram)


Wishes and Wizards (Etsy/Instagram)


Castle Bound 1955 (Etsy/Instagram)


Enjoy! A Bug’s Life was a difficult one to find products for but luckily Heimlich is a favorite because he is so hilarious and loves to eat. Keep following along on Instagram at #PixarFestFridayChallenge!

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Thirty Before Thirty: Rock Hall

From my last post about “The Rock” to the “Rock Hall”!


Dom and I visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH during our “babymoon” and had such a blast! It wasn’t my first time there, I had taken a trip as a senior in high school with my mom, sister, aunt, and cousin, but the first time I was there I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time exploring. Going back and really spending the entire day there was just fantastic!


The whole bottom floor went through the different decades of music and other exhibits as well as some personal items from some of the Hall of Fame-ers. It was so much fun to look at all the exhibits and watch a few shows as well. Some of the exhibits change so I definitely suggest going back if you’ve been there before. You can see how different everything is and experience different things!


We then started making our way up the floors before getting hungry. So as not to lose time, we decided to eat in the food court. The food was actually really good and quickly we were able to go back to exploring. We decided to take the top floor down – which turned out to be a mistake. The Hall actually has a certain flow to it so in order to get all the context, you pretty much need to start at the bottom and make your way up. Either way, we still got to see everything, but there is one show that starts on one floor and then ends on another so we had to go down a floor to go back up a floor. It was a really cool experience though that put us right in the middle of an Induction concert (or a bunch of different ones pieced together, really) along with lighting to make you feel like you are actually at the concert! We recommend it, but if you have any sort of aversion to flashing lights and stuff, this might not be up your alley (I sort of do and it was difficult for me).


Regardless, we had an amazing time and easily spent the whole day there from a half hour past open to close. Then we spent time in the gift shop and bought all the things!


Anyway, like most of the experiences I documented as a part of this series, I highly recommend a visit!


Well, I can’t believe I made it (for a minute I was afraid I wouldn’t)! Thirty posts about thirty things I’ve done before turning thirty! You can catch up on all of them by clicking the category at the top of my site if you’d like.

I truly cannot believe I will be thirty tomorrow. It hasn’t really hit me yet, although I wish we had time to have a party. I have big plans for this weekend though, so at least I’ll have fun! Don’t forget – tomorrow is also National Pretzel Day so look for some free pretzels near you!! Philly Pretzel Factory, for one, will give out a free pretzel to every customer on April 26 so be sure to stop in! My husband and I have started a birthday tradition of going first thing in the morning and I can’t wait.

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Pics from previous pretzel birthdays:


Earth Day Recap

I was so excited for Earth Day this year that I decided to look up things to do in our area to celebrate! I found some really fun ideas and when we woke up and it was GORGEOUS out, I insisted on a walk into town for breakfast!

I absolutely love where we live because we have easy access to the canal path that brings us right into town and on a day like Sunday it was so wonderful to be outside and really appreciate nature.

I really wanted to try a new coffee shop in town, Pretty Bird Coffee, because I had heard they had really awesome donuts!

We decided to make our orders “for here” because the walk tired me out a bit and also as it was Earth Day, I didn’t want to generate any unnecessary waste like a to-go cup.

We then walked home and were pretty tired when we got back! I wanted to hit up the Earth Day festivities, but was glad for a half hour to an hour of just relaxing on the couch before walking around again.


exploring nature ❤

IMG_20180422_125637We then went over to Bordentown where they were having their first annual Earth Day celebration! They blocked off a whole street where you could walk around to small shops, participate in a scavenger hunt, add to a chalk garden, and even participate in a rain drain painting competition (one example to the right). We decided to do the scavenger hunt and had a lot of fun with it (even if it was geared towards children)!


We also picked up a free plant and hopefully we will be able to nourish it and help it grow 🙂


When we finished the scavenger hunt, we decided to stop for lunch and had some delicious pizza.


From there we had to stop so I could pick up some fabric for a project I’m working on for Baby and then headed home. I had a half hour before I needed to leave for yoga so we just relaxed again since all that walking really wore me out.

I then changed for yoga and headed out!


In all, I was so happy to have enjoyed the beautiful weather while celebrating our beautiful planet! I definitely consider it a day well spent!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Earth Day as well!

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Thirty Before Thirty: Jail Time

Okay, okay, I’m not talking about actually going to jail. This is about our trip to Alcatraz!


Back in 2015 we went out to California for my cousin’s wedding and decided to make a vacation of it! We stayed a few days in San Francisco and while we were there got to go see Alcatraz. My mom made the reservations well in advance (which I highly recommend if you want to secure your spot) and we arrived at the dock with time to spare before getting on our ferry to Alcatraz!

When we got in we did the listening tour so we received a set of headphones and it guided us through the penitentiary while we heard about what we were looking at. It was really neat and if you wanted more time somewhere you could pause it. We arrived in the evening which meant it got dark out which just made the experience more fun.


After the tour part, we were able to go to different talks. The first one we went to was about whether the inmates who escaped in 1962 survived or not. They talked about the weather that night, where they may have ended up, and we got to debate a bit about what happened and whether or not they survived (since their bodies were never found). It was pretty cool and interesting because it remains a mystery (If you are interested in more recent details of the case, a letter surfaced recently indicating that they did indeed make it. It was considered “inconclusive” however, so the “official” word is still that they died at sea. You can read this article about the letter).

The last “talk” we went to was about the “sound of the slammer”. This is the sound the prison doors make when they close, which was really neat. We learned that the sound had been recorded and used in many different shows and films – not just about prisons! It’s also been used in Star Wars and Jurassic Park. I didn’t get a recording of the sound, but you can google it and there will be plenty of YouTube videos about it.

Anyway, it was a really cool and unique experience and as they are continuously reopening different areas of the prison, you could visit more than once and see entirely “new” parts! I recommend going if you are ever in the San Francisco area.

Also, a very happy birthday to my goofy dad ⇓


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Happy Anniversary Animal Kingdom!

Today is not only Earth Day, but it marks the 20th Anniversary of the opening of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park!

To celebrate, Walt Disney World has many offerings for the next few weeks that will have guests flooding to the park (well, if all its guests love DAK as much as I do, that is).


The highly anticipated UP! A Great Bird Adventure featuring Russell and Dug is slotted to open today and I decided to wear my Wilderness Explorer outfit to celebrate! This new show will feature exotic birds and is going to be located next to the Yak & Yeti Restaurant. I can’t wait to get the chance to go on a new adventure with Russell and Dug and I hope the show is everything it’s been pumped up to be!

Along with the new show, Wilderness Explorers will get the opportunity to earn a limited-edition badge about connecting with nature. Since I still haven’t completed all my badges, this additional badge makes me so jealous I will not be there during this exciting celebration!


Other celebration experiences today are themed photo spots, a welcome party at the Tree of Life, and limited-edition merchandise.

Since I cannot be in the parks today, I planned a day of outdoor exploration and connecting with nature because “the wilderness must be explored!”

Happy Earth Day! ºoº Juli ºöº

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Thirty Before Thirty: MLB

So I haven’t been to many MLB games in my life, but I have been to a few, and that is something I’m privileged to have the opportunity to do.

My first MLB game was actually a Brewers/Mets game when we were in Wisconsin for my uncle’s wedding reception. Since some of my family lives in WI and other family members are Mets fans (really just my one uncle), we decided to all go to this game. There were so many of us and we had a looooong lunch (couldn’t help the Camp Nowhere reference). I was 19 back then and we had a really fun time.

The next game I went to was a Phillies game where my cousin’s softball team was being recognized. Again, it was a good time, but I didn’t really get as into it and also, I wore subtle Yankees colors. It was really cool getting to see my cousin out on the field being recognized though! We were up super high and could only tell who was who when they put it up on the big screen, lol.

The last (I think two) games were with my in-laws to Yankees games and we had a great time there as well. We’re pretty much Yankees fans in mine and my husband’s families so it was a lot of fun to cheer on a team I actually care about. My mother-in-law is a huge Yankees fan and I’m sure we’ll be back again soon… 😉

In all, going to a baseball game is always a fun experience. I love baseball (and softball) but I have a hard time watching it on TV. When you go to the game, it’s so much more like you are a part of it all and they always get the crowd involved. I grew up going to Minor League games and sometimes the smaller the crowd, the more exciting it is! Either way, I always enjoy myself at baseball games 🙂

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