WDW 2012

My next DisneyBound Princess is Minnie Mouse herself! While not a traditional “Disney Princess” Minnie is like the queen of all things Disney. She is also my favorite Disney character ever to be and I’ve been perfecting my Minnie DisneyBound in the past few months/years (read: each time at Disney). I also decided to be Minnie for Halloween, an idea really by my sister who decided it would make a perfect office Halloween costume for herself and I stole it because it’s not like we work together…


me, as Minnie, as a child

My Minnie love started as a child, but my newfound love started last year when Vans came out with the Minnie line. I HAD to have those shoes, especially with an upcoming trip to Disney World. So I bought them, broke them in, and now they are pretty much my favorite shoes.



Then I found the perfect Magic Band to proclaim my inner Minnie. As a pirate for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party I looked a little like Minnie as a pirate.


Reenie, Minnie, Me – Mickey’s Not-So-Scary 2015

To prepare for my next Disney trip, I bought some awesome Minnie Mouse clip ears from EnchantedDust on Etsy:


New Ears!

On our honeymoon, my husband and I made a stop at Disneyland’s California Adventure and I packed the perfect Minnie outfit.

20160829123431 20160829145034

I recycled most of that DisneyBound for my trip to Disney World a few weeks later and even (somehow) got my sister in on it!


WDW 2016

We had a blast in our Minnie DisneyBounds, even though she made sure to tell anyone who would listen that the outfit was normally so not her (lol).

And here I am as adorable Minnie Mouse for Halloween 🙂 I even got my husband to dress as Mickey when he finally got home from work!



  • Minnie ear clips
  • White dot earrings
  • Black mock turtleneck
  • Pink and white polka dot skirt
  • Black leggings
  • White pumps
  • Adorable husband Mickey

About Juli

I received my B.S. in Counseling and Human Services and a minor in Theology and Religious Studies and my M.A. in Organizational Leadership in Higher Education. Through a strange twist of fate, I ended up in the Human Resources field and at a company that I really love. I'm not much of a writer because I tend to write how I talk and when I tell stories I tend to ramble and tell way too many details. I love writing though because it's fun to get all my thoughts down. I also love drawing, I love photos, and anything artistic really.

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