Since yesterday was National Pretzel Day and I did a LOT of pretzel eating in preparation of it, I would be amiss to not include pretzel stands and shops with pretzels – what I am going to call (in Disney fashion) Quick Service Pretzels.

Of course, I will have to start with Philly Pretzel Factory since they were the most recent, yesterday being free pretzel day and all. image000000_01Philly pretzels are pretty much a must in our area. They offer party trays or individual pretzels and are tasty and warm! I was talking to my coworker yesterday about a time she bought them, put them in her trunk, and her whole back window fogged up – so you know these are fresh from the oven! Being one of the first to get my pretzel yesterday morning, I also received a card for a free pretzel every day in May so I will be taking advantage of that, thank you very much! I may even try one of their sauces…

Another pretzel experience I am going to categorize as quick service is WaWa. I know this doesn’t really fit but since it is the closest place to grab a pretzel to my house (I walk there) I have tried a few leading up to yesterday. IMG_20170316_095146Okay, note to self and whoever else may be reading – the pre-packaged pretzels at the register? Don’t do it. I decided to try the everything pretzel thinking it would be interesting…it was hard, cold, and everything I didn’t want. If you really want a pretzel and are at Wawa, you should go for one of the varieties they have under the heating shelves. IMG_20170410_183822They usually come in a bag (like pictured) and are stuffed pretzels. So far this is my favorite pretzel I would categorize as quick service because it is just that – quick. Since these pretzels are stuffed, they are easy to eat on a walk home or in the car, etc. I chose to eat mine (stuffed with jalapeno cheese) on the toe path walk home.


easy to hold and walk at the same time

Normally, a pretzel is dipped in cheese but this was filled with it so there was no need to have to use two hands (which was great because I had a seltzer in the other hand) making this the perfect treat to eat on my walk. I also really loved the taste of the jalapeno cheese (which I assume was a type of cheddar) compared to other cheese dips. To be honest, cheese dips at quick service locations freak me out. When I was little we had pretzels with cheese dip from a stand at an amusement park and afterward all got sick and so I always associated being sick with the cheese dip (regardless of whether or not it was accurate) and I have this deep-seated aversion to it. That being said, if it is from a restaurant or like a fondue I’d probably be fine with it but if it’s bright orange and pre-packaged it’s a no. SO, I like the cheese taste without the dipping sauce for more than one reason. Also, the jalapeno was not too strong but gave it that kick that made it a little something higher on my rating scale (the rating scale is imaginary, I have not appointed numbers to it yet).

Auntie Anne’s pretzels are some of my absolute favorite. I always get the original and usually the nuggets. Yes, this does defeat the purpose of eating with only one hand but I just can’t resist those little nuggets! IMG_20170413_183538The flavor is just right to me and they were just out of the oven so for a place that primarily serves pretzels, they serve them extremely well. Dom and I also love that you can watch them being made. It adds a little something to the experience. These were eaten while walking through the mall browsing Forever 21 and the Disney Store (sorry-not-sorry). I paired them with a lemonade (who could say no to lemonade at Auntie Anne’s?) and then gave my leftovers to Dom (which wasn’t much) when I picked him up at work. Also, I forgot to photograph these babies the first time so I had to go back and get more just for this post (okay, and because they’re my favorite) so enjoy!!

So, as I said yesterday, I didn’t make it to every pretzel place I could have, but I will continue my adventures and post an update each time because who doesn’t love a good pretzel read?

What other pretzels would you like to see me try? Comment below!


Also, if you want to continue the celebration, go get your pretzel and post a pic of you with a pretzel on Instagram TODAY and tag me @rogue_princess_ to be featured there and in my blog!

❤ *JuLi*

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