Good morning and Happy Trip Talk Tuesday!

Today I’m continuing to talk about food and next on the list is the Magic Kingdom (go big or go home, right?)! We are at Magic Kingdom probably the most during our trip this fall since we are attending the Christmas Party on Friday and then Dapper Day Saturday and for a brief time on Monday when we tackle all the parks. This means there is a lot of opportunity for food: meals, snacks, desserts, etc!

So I’ll start out with the basics again: I am not planning on making any reservations for Magic Kingdom. In 2015 when I was there with Reenie, we got the coveted Be Our Guest reservations right smack dab in the middle of the Halloween Party. Being MNSSHP newbies, we didn’t really know what to expect for the party (oh what has changed in less than two years) and wanted those reservations so badly! This was not a mistake.



We had a freaking blast at Be Our Guest trying the amazing food and desserts and, of course, sharing a bottle of champagne (we may have been a bit tipsy by the end of the dinner). We got to meet Beast and had a wonderful time overall. The party was also great. We did a bit of Trick-or-Treating to see what it was like (not worth it for us, but cute for the kids) and we were dressed in our Pirate-y best which meant visiting Pirates of the Caribbean was a must. But ANYWAY, I digress. PhotoPass_Visiting_Mickeys_Not_So_Scary_Halloween_Party_7482876440We saw the parade, got to meet characters we wouldn’t have otherwise (one of the first on line for Minnie and Daisy) but missed some things (we just barely caught Jafar sneaking out of the park). We didn’t stand on line for the Seven Dwarfs because it was extremely long and we were more worried about getting on more rides than meeting characters at that point – something we will definitely remedy this year at the Christmas Party. So the basic plan for the Christmas party is to actually enjoy the party. This may seem like a given to most, but with everything the party has to offer, it would be silly to make a reservation that will keep us from experiencing all that magic for an hour or two! We also have a full day at MK for Dapper Day, but we decided against a dinner or lunch ADR so that we could explore other, more cost effective, options. Or go somewhere else for food if we feel like it.

Okay, so that being settled, I wanted to talk about different options for snacks/meals first and there are plenty that caught my eye!

Magic Kingdom:

  • Casey’s Corner – I’ve heard great things about the corn dog nuggets and would love to try them! That may be a reason to stop here 🙂
  • Cheshire Cafe – This needs to happen for…reasons… I’m all about a frozen slushy and that might be reason enough to stop (in addition to…other reasons ;-))!
  • Columbia Harbour House – IMG_20151008_141553818I have eaten here before and would definitely eat here again, but if opportunity arises where I could pick this or a new location, I would probably pick somewhere new in order to try new things. There are, however, a few things on the menu here I haven’t tried (last time I had the Lighthouse Sandwich) that I could try if we went again (who am I kidding, I would probably get the same thing).
  • Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café – This is one I probably have never looked twice at but upon browsing the menu I found so many things that look delicious and unique (hello Falafel Burger). This is definitely a contender!
  • The Friars Nook – Their Mac&Cheeses look delicious and I know Dom will want to try them. He is a huge mac&cheese fan and so am I which puts this food stop towards the top of our list! I mean, BBQ Chicken Mac&Cheese?? I’m there.
  • Gaston’s Tavern – 20160911132201Okay, so this one is the perfect stop for a snack, such as the ham and cheese stuffed pretzel (which I’ve already discussed here) and since it’s one of my favorites and I’ll potentially be ‘bounding as Belle at some point visiting Gaston’s Tavern may have to happen!
  • The Lunching Pad – umm…stuffed pretzels?? Need I say more? (The obsession is real)
  • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe – Dom loves Mexican cuisine and so do I! My sister and I stopped in here for water during our trip and it smelled delicious! This has been high on my list since then and after talking to both Dom and Reenie about it, I think this stop may happen 🙂
  • Pinocchio Village HausIMG_20151012_114617830_HDRI’ve eaten here before and love it. The food is good and the views of fantasyland are great! I would definitely go back for more. I opted for the Caprese Flatbread the last time I was there and it was the perfect food for that day! There are quite a few other selections that look awesome there so there is always room to return. And did I mention the views? I love looking out over the carousel on one of the balconies but you can also eat inside overlooking Small World. Just some awesomeness for you.
  • Sleepy Hallow – Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich? Yes, please! The fresh fruit waffle sandwich also looks to die for and if we don’t get here for a meal, I’m all about that dessert!
  • Tomorrowland Terrace – Since this is open seasonally, I’m not sure it will be open when we’re there but if so, I may make a stop for some of that Spicy Chicken Sandwich 🙂
  • Tortuga Tavern – hmm…how can I say this nicely? No, I will most likely not be eating here. Hot dogs and turkey legs are not really my thing…especially on vacation. Thanks anyway.

So it looks like my must eats for MK include Cheshire Cafe, Gaston’s Tavern, Pecos Bill, and Sleepy Hallow. There are also a bunch of probably’s on the list, and you know what? We may just be walking around MK and decide to go in and sit right at wherever we end up which is entirely okay by me.

Next up is sweets! We already talked about how Sleepy Hallow is a must whether it is a sweet or savory day so that is first on my list, but let’s explore the others, shall we?

  • Aloha Isle – I can’t even pretend I’m not going to stop here. Having never actually had a Dole Whip (I know, blasphemy) I fully intend to have at least one on this trip. It’s happening, and that’s all anyone needs to know!
  • Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies – ice cream, fruit smoothies, this would be a great snack/dessert stop and I’d be fine with it.
  • Main Street Bakery – Well everything here just looks beyond delicious so I don’t know how you could go wrong! My sweet tooth will undoubtedly bring me here.
  • Plaza Ice Cream Parlor – sundaes, floats, cones, a Kitchen Sink! Well, that just about settles things, right?
  • Storybook Treats – more ice cream! That just seems to be a popular choice I suppose 😉
  • Sunshine Tree Terrace – I see some slushies that are catching my eye here…even non-alcoholic, it would be amazing and refreshing!

So my musts for sweets are Aloha Isle and Main Street Bakery with everything else just hoping to be at the right place at the right time. Now all this food talk is making me hungry so let me go grab a snack…

Where do you like to eat at the Magic Kingdom? Am I missing your favorite? And what dishes do you prefer? And as I mentioned last week, definitely let me know if you disagree with my decisions and why! I don’t want to spend time trying foods that aren’t good!



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