Happy 4th of July!

When I think of Independence Day, I think of parades, hot dogs, and the start of summer. Summer reminds me of long days at the beach and nights of games and rides on the boardwalk. While I’m in that state of mind, I thought I’d talk about Disney’s BoardWalk.

Since the BoardWalk is modeled after Atlantic City’s boardwalk, I feel right at home there. There’s nothing like ice cream on a hot summer night and Ample Hills Creamery has a wide selection of flavors and a variety of ways to eat it. I’m looking forward to strolling along the boardwalk with an ice cream in my hand when I’m there in November. If ice cream’s not your style, pick up a funnel cake at the Funnel Cake Cart or a pastry at the BoardWalk Bakery (I’m curious as to what the Jersey Crumb Cake is…).

We’re not planning on eating a full meal as we will have already eaten at Le Cellier, but if you are, there are many options.  Big River Grille & Brewing Works for some Jalapeño Spinach Cheese Dip and a beer flight, the ESPN Club to taste the Pub Nachos or Chicken and Waffles while watching your favorite sporting event, Flying Fish for their Lobster-Piquillo Bisque, and Trattoria al Forno with their delicious looking Gnocchi di Patata all look like wonderful places to dine. If you’re looking for something quick, like I usually am when I stroll the boardwalks of New Jersey, there’s the Pizza Window and The To-Go Cart. There’s really no better place to get pizza in the US then the New York/New Jersey area so my hope that this pizza would live up to the theme. The To-Go Cart features more classic boardwalk food with hot dogs, burgers, and chicken fingers to name a few items off the cart.

One of the best things about the BoardWalk, in my opinion, is the night life. While it is in no way competing with the actual Atlantic City boardwalk, having a night life is a must! With bars like Abracadbar and BoardWalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas serving the drinks, and entertainment from Jellyrolls and the Atlantic Dance Hall, there is plenty to do here on the BoardWalk.

IMG_20151011_231000409IMG_20151012_241954731Reenie and I spent a night out at Jellyrolls on our last trip together and we had a blast! Dueling piano bars are a great way to spend our time – especially when you’re pretty much encouraged to sing along! Put in a request for your favorite or sit back and listen, it’s quite a fun time.

What’s your favorite thing to do on the Boardwalk (Disney or otherwise)?


About Juli

I received my B.S. in Counseling and Human Services and a minor in Theology and Religious Studies and my M.A. in Organizational Leadership in Higher Education. Through a strange twist of fate, I ended up in the Human Resources field and at a company that I really love. I'm not much of a writer because I tend to write how I talk and when I tell stories I tend to ramble and tell way too many details. I love writing though because it's fun to get all my thoughts down. I also love drawing, I love photos, and anything artistic really.

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